Corporate Branding through creative graphic design

I pride myself in being a small business marketing center that assists small business in effective corporate branding through print material and website design.

I provide small business with corporate logo design, business cards, brochures, vehicle magnets, and a variety of other print marketing material.


I am proud to say Intravec Designs is a performance enhanced graphic design company. I pride myself in enabling businesses the access to today's leading web and print marketing techniques and tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their marketing and branding efforts.

Freelance Design

Business cards, brochures, letterhead, porfilio folders and a variety of markeing materials for your small business. Don't want to add a full time graphic designer to your payroll? I would love to provide you with my freelance web and graphic design services that would rival any professional company, but at a cost small businesses can afford. For my freelance website and graphic design services, I charge a flat rate on 85% of my services.


My clients range from small business start-ups to large corporations. I approach every project with the same enthusiasm as the first project and I pride myself in the end result. Working as a freelance web and graphic designer allows me the freedom to engage closely with my clients and this gives me the ability to deliver successful designs.


When you decide to hire a Freelance Graphic Designer, you get someone who is dedicated, great with time management, goal oriented, organized, excels in multi-tasking and most importantly, works well under pressure.


What my clients say

"Courtney Cooper is a very honest, talented, motivated graphic designer; his eye for design is first-rate. It was a wonderful experience working with him and I am especially thankful for his expertise and creativity in designing a logo for The Sugared Violet & recreating new business cards & brochures. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for graphic design/printing work. Please contact Courtney, you will not be disappointed! Thank you Courtney!"

   -Donna McManus The Sugared Violet

Website Design and Development

Intravec Designs is a full service web design and development firm. Our core capabilities are custom web design, custom web application development, ecommerce solutions and branding & marketing solutions. I ensue a strategic procedure to ensure I achieve an in depth understanding of your business model and online needs. This affords me the opportunity to adapt a solution that addresses your specific business challenges and needs. Read more...


Print Marketing

You may be surprised to learn that in a world where digital is the normal marketing platform, print marketing is more powerful, valuable and effective today than ever before. Print materials have been a staple of marketing communications for decades, it is rare to experience work that elevates it to something more than just paper and ink. Now, with new methods of information exchange (mobile, web, new media), the benefits of great print communication are not lost but are only more evident. If the Internet informs, print looks to seduce. If new media is ubiquitous and ephemoral, print looks to underscore, punctuate and endure. Read more...


Corporate Branding

Your brand is the heart of your company. When consumers are to purchase your products or services and embrace your cause, they must know and value your brand. Brand development is the process of creating, maintaining and improving the performance of a product or service through a variety of advertising or promotional campaigns. It is the process of establishing and securing your product’s spot in the crowded marketplace through delivery of a core message, which connects to the consumer and resonates a positive association. Read more...