Website Design Prices

3 Pages - $300

4 Pages - $400

5 Pages - $450

Additional Pages - $50

CMS Website Design

3 Pages - $400

4 Pages - $500           

5 Pages - $550

Additional Pages - $50

Basic SEO services included

Hosting Services

Cost Varies - Ask for further information about Web Hosting services.


Corporate Website Design offers you the opportunity to have the website of your dreams, but at a reasonable cost. I design custom website designs and Content Management Systems that are user friendly and web design layouts that are clean and cutting edge. I create sleek websites for small businesses and large corporations.

I would like to thank you for considering me to provide you with my corporate web design services. With so many web developers to choose from, as a website designer, I understand it is a difficult decision to figure out what web design company to trust with your website project, but I will guarantee you results.

Why Choose Intravec Designs?

I construct dynamic web pages, affordable websites, and easy to use websites. I take pride in helping small businesses and non-profit organizations establish and improve their image and web presence. I also love lending my expertise to large corporations that are looking to re-design their websites and image. Whether it is a small business or a large corporation, I have the creativity to be an integral part of your web marketing solution.

The websites I deliver as a professional freelance website designer:

  • Great, fast loading, modern design
  • Viewing of your design during the web development process
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • User friendly
  • Informative
  • Easy to navigate
  • Email and information requests forms
  • Ongoing support after launch of website
Content & Development
Affordabel Website Design

The start of every solid website design is content development which is research, analysis and a carefully planned information structure.

Once I have compiled the proper information for your web design project, I formulate a blueprint for the basis of the site structure and layout. The "Blueprint" is the most vital part of the development of your website and sets the tone for the entire website project.

Website Design
Affordable Website Designer

The next stage takes on a more personal feel. This is when the web design puzzle starts being laid out and put together.

I take the knowledge I have acquired from content development and begin to hash out conceptual design and a user interface that best suits the needs of the web design project. The prototype is developed and the graphic designing takes center stage.

Building The Website
Web site Design

The website interface is now ready to become a part of internet activity.

I am a web design expert which specializes in standards-based development as well as in the implementation of several Content Management Systems that will bring the most out of your site with dynamic content and interaction.

Website Management
web site designer

Just because your site had launched doesn't mean we are out of the picture. Infact, just the opposite!

A dedicated freelance website designer becomes ambitious after the launch of the website. This is when search engine optimization strategies become a key part of the entire development of your internet pressence. I study who is viewing your site and what content is attracting your users and I optimize your website so your users get the best experience possible