Website Design

We are enthusiastic to be a part of the Website Design process for company’s that are branding or rebranding. The beginning phase is the collaboration between client and Intravec Designs. We listen and take notes, because we care about the vision you have for your company. Your vision is our blueprint for your website.

We can design your website from scratch, but we prefer the user friendly WordPress platform. With the use of WooCommerce, eCommerce can be integrated into your website. Our website designs convey your company’s brand with personality while provide the user with great experience.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive website designs are configured to display different formatting of the same content on specific screen sizes that affect the elements on the website. We believe with today’s technology, it is a smart business decision to have a responsive website. Intravec Designs develops your responsive website in the following platforms:

  • WordPress (most popular)
  • Drupal
  • Joomla

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Key Benefits of Responsive Website Design

One of the biggest benefits of a responsive website design is its transition regardless of device, it has one (1) uniform URL. One uniform URL is better for SEO performance. Responsive design also results in a single site to maintain. The constant updating of mobile and tablet features to be consistent with the desktop site is no longer a burden. Responsive websites provide seamless updates that greatly reduce the maintenance work required. A responsive site will provide you with the capability to the greatest sales results from you responsive website.

Contact us to resolve any questions you have about how our website design and development services can assist in growing your company.